FANTASTIC! Laser etching and leather is a great combination.  Leather laser etches nicely and gives a great look.  From laser etching designs, names and even pictures.   We can meet your needs from orders of wallets, portfolios, laptop cases, etc. up to working with companies to laser etch logos, names and designs for your customers.

Laser etching is a cost efficient and beautiful alternative to embossing leather.  Two benefits of laser etching versus embossing is:

  1. Turn Around Time- Digitally generated files remove the wait for manufacturing an embossing plate
  2. Cost Efficiency- Computer Generated, no need to spend money of embossing plates for each different logo

Great for corporate branding. laser etch your logo for your customers to see.  Stands out as shown on the reverse side of the belts we did for Good Threads.  This has been done for leather bracelets in a similar manner.  Check out the laser etched baseball with logo and players names laser etched onto the baseball.  This made a memorable gift for their coach.  WOW!!! A Leather Plaque!!! With Your Picture Laser Etched Right Into the Leather!!!  Great for Framing!!!  The picture below has a famous quote etched in and in this case a picture of a horse laser etched into the leather!!!

Contactct us with questions, comments and pricing.  We will do your custom orders ongoing or as gifts.  Email us here or call at 815-219-0050.