Etch Your Tech

Get your iPad, MacBook, iPod, and any other devices laser etched with your custom artwork. Send us your image, we will prepare a proof and email it to you.  Take advantage of our We Come to You! Service.  If everything looks good, come on in and get etched! It’s simple.

Custom Branding

A great way to advertise your organization! WIth the continued explosion of iPads in the business world many companies are taking advantage of this unique branding opportunity.  The portability of iPads allow for great visibility to many customers and potential customers.

We come to you! Service

Laser Etching can be done at your location.  We will bring our laser anywhere in the mainland USA*.  Onsite Laser Etching provides several benefits including:

  • Your equipment does not leave your control
  • One on One design which allows real time in person visual of placement and size of laser etched logo, design, etc.
  • You get to see the laser in action!
  • Eliminates shipping cost

        *Contact Hitech Etch for Details: Click Here for Email or 815-219-0050

Custom Designs

Got unique graphics in mind?  Have your own layout?  Want to Laser Etch the entire iPad, iPod, MacBook, etc?  This is fun and will give you a great one of a kind device.  Great for the creative side of your life.  HiTech Etch can help you with a design and your layout.  Contact us to talk and create!


Are you doing a promotion?  Make a lasting impression with your logo, event or message on the item you are giving away.  Whether you are giving away several or just 1 item we can get it done for you.  We can even post your event on our site!  Contact us to discuss.


iPads! iPads! iPads!  WOW how they have changed the world.  From companies Laser Etching their logo to IT departments Laser Etching identification to wild and crazy graphic designs for a custom one of a kind unique look.  If you have iPads needing Laser Etching we are your source with the ultimate in customer service and our We come to You! Service. Remember we can Laser Etch your iPad cover.  Ask about our special when Laser Etching both your iPad and cover together……….

Mini iPads

A masterpiece to Laser Etch, the slate color backing has a brilliant contrast and is a perfect canvas for any design.  This was made to be customized!  From a logo to a custom picture this is priceless! Lets talk……Contact us immediately……or soon…just do it!


iPods and the iPod Touch have been popular promotional items.  Laser Etched iPods have an eye popping contrast between the color and the bright white that laser etching brings out.  The iPod Touch has a shiny mirrored finish and is Laser Etched using a process that leaves a black colored image.  The black on silver leaves a classy presentation!


Apple products are just made for Laser Etching.  The iPhone 5 is the latest in the iPhone line of very laserable iPhones.  In fact the iPhone 5 may be the best canvas yet.  Get creative and contact us.  We would love to help work out a unique design!

Mac Books


Ask about getting your iPhone, iPad, Kidle, etc covers laser etched.  These can be lasered by themselves or as a package deal with your device.