Laser Etched Sports

A great way to show appreciation to the team members and the coaches.  A ball etched with their jersey number and logo on it.  Every team member will have their own ball to use.  A laser etched ball for the coaches will be appreciated.  HiTech Etch will laser etch any design or saying you and your team want on your items.

More than Balls

Baseball Bats-  Wooden Bats make a great laser etched gift for either a coach or a team member.

Second Base- OK it can be first or third as well.  This is a really unique gift for a special coach or occasion.

Baseball Card Human Tag– This is truly unique.  A laser etch aluminum dog tag(Human Tag) with a picture of you players all with a baseball stadium background.  The back can have statistics like a baseball card.

Custom Ideas– Looking for ideas?  Contact us at HiTech Etch and we would love to work with you.



Create Your Own

Water Bottle

More than a logo.  Create a 360 degree design for your water bottles.  High quality stainless steel water bottles that you can design using the entire water bottle.  This allows for use of your creativity and include important items for your event.

Exclusive Theater Water Bottles- This is a souvenir for everyone in your School Plays and Theater Groups.  A beautiful laser etched water bottle that includes your entire cast, logo dates of show, etc.

The Official Football Roster- A laser etched water bottle with the team roster wrapped around the stainless steel water bottle.  Includes statistics such as position, height, weight, year of graduation and more.  Your logo and will also be prominently displayed.  Many colors to match your team colors.


One of a Kind

Uniquely Yours


Why not? Heck yeah.  Express yourself.  Make a statement.  Create a gift to you or someone else.  Laser Etched Denim.  Your design, logo or picture.  We can do this for a team, group or even as a party.  We use your new or used denim jeans.  Contact HiTech Etch for details.


Schools, Teams, Creative

Team Projects, No Minimums

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