“Thanks for doing such a great job for us.” (customer)

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Trade Shows

A perfect attraction to draw people to your booth.  A Hi Tech attention getter.  People are amazed at seeing the laser at work.  Many items can be laser etched such as glass, Human Tags(aluminum dog tags), stainless steel water bottles, etc.  HiTech Etch is based in the Chicago area but we have travelled across the USA to support events as well as supporting Canada with our affiliate.  Contact Us for details or Call right now while you are thinking of it at 815-219-0050.

Booked Across the USA

HiTech Etch has been requested at events across the USA.  We also have supported events in Canada with our affiliate.  Corporate clients have booked us from Boston to San Diego.  You will be delighted with our We Come to You Service!  Next time you are planning an event give us a call at 815-219-0050 or send us an emailDo it now.

“We got great feedback from the client about your work, so well done.”

Event Planner

Have Us at Your Event

Tradeshows, Corporate Events, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings, School Events, Fundraisers, etc.  HiTech Etch will bring our laser and people to your event and laser etch items for your guests.  People are always drawn to the laser to see it work its magic.  HiTech Etch will work with you to get the designs and items for your event.  We can also laser etch items before the event for use at the event such as custom place cards and decorations.  Just Ask!

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

The kids love the laser and the items we laser etch for them.  A great Hi Tech way to create a giveaway.  We can work with you to create unique ideas for things to etch and designs to be etched.  Laser etching can be done ahead of the event, at the event or both.  Some of the ideas have been to laser etch water bottles each customized with a design to match each persons interest, custom place cards out of stone, laser etched picture Human Tags(dog tags) and more!


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Many Options for items to Laser

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