A detailed list of ALL services.

  • HUMAN TAGS – Human Tags are Laser Etched picture dog tags for people.  Take a look at the many options of items that can be etched onto USA made Human Tags including the Agate Stone Human Tag! See more here!
  • LEATHER – FANTASTIC! Laser etching and leather is a great combination.  Leather laser etches nicely and gives a great look.  From laser etching designs, names and even pictures.   We can meet your needs from small orders of wallets, portfolios, laptop cases, etc. up to working with companies to laser etch logos, names and designs for your customers.
  • CUSTOM PROJECTS/MANUFACTURING – Driven by over 20 years of professional engineering experience we will work with you on your custom projects and manufacturing requirements.
    • Prototyping
    • Samples
    • Short laser etching runs
    • Larger Commercial Customer Runs
    • Got Ideas?  Questions?  Contact Us!  We Love Working With Our Customers

Etch Your TechGet your iPad, MacBook, iPod, and any other devices laser etched with your custom artwork. Send us your image, we will prepare a proof and email it to you.  Take advantage of our We Come to You Service!.  If everything looks good, come on in and get etched! It’s simple.

Leather – Leather is a fantastic material to laser etch.  We work on all kinds of leather projects including horse saddles, journals, bible covers, wallets, etc.  HiTech Etch also works on custom projects.  Take a look at the leather page!

EventsAre you having a party or corporate event and would like a cool and different attraction? We bring our equipment onsite and laser etch your guests’ items while they enjoy the party! You select the artwork and etching promotions for each event to keep your customers really happy with the service. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

Custom Projects/Manufacturing – Bringing you an award winning engineering team to work on your custom projects.  HiTech Etch will cut and laser etch many different materials from acrylics, plastics, cloth, paper/cardboard, leather, etc.  Got Questions? Just Ask!

Human Tags – Laser Etched Custom Dog Tags for People**** – Smiles , Memories and Fun! Laser Etched Aluminum dog tags we call Human Tags.  Many options including the 24KT gold plated Black/Gold version newly released!  HiTech Etch with our line of Human Tags will laser etch pictures, graphics and text.  These will amaze you.  The feedback is incredible such as “OMG thank you thank you! He’s going to love it!!“.  Great for gifts, promotions and fundraising.  Take a look at the many options.  Every one is custom made by you.  Use your imagination.

Fundraising –  Hitech Etch is always looking to help out great causes and organizations that need support.  We want to make your fundraiser worthwhile so we donate up to 50% of our sales of items selected for your fundraiser.  We can also create unique fundraisers based on quantities and items that are unique to laser etching.  HumanTags.net teams up with our laser etching team to do things like doing laser etching parties and lasering iPads, glass, leather, etc.

Plaques / Custom Acrylic Awards – HiTech Etch has created awards for major events at McCormick Place and along Lake Shore Drive in Chicago.  We were also invited to use our We Come to You Service! at Navy Pier to assist in their 8K run with over 4K runners participating.  Contact HiTech Etch for your Award and Plaque needs.  We will work with you to create a great experience.

HiTechEtch Pac Man Etched MacBook Pro